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The National Council of Urban Indian Health exists to support and develop quality accessible healthcare programs for all American Indian and Alaska Natives living in urban communities through advocacy, training, education, and leadership development.

NCUIH strives for healthy communities supported by fully funded and accessible healthcare centers and governed by leaders in the Indian community. This toolkit provides a searchable database of journal articles and research to help UIHPs and community clinics find the best, peer-reviewed information to help their work. Anyone can search the database for free and find a preview of an article in a selected topic. The resources here are linked to the source articles, which may then be accessed by logging into the toolkit.

Member Close Up Pages:

Baltimore American Indian Lifelines

Butte-  North American Indian Alliance

Chicago- American Indian Health Service

Detroit-American Indian Health and Family Services

Helena, MT- Helena Indian Alliance

Milwaukee-Gerald Ignace Health Center

Minneapolis- Indian Health Board of Minneapolis

Nebraska-Urban Indian Health Coalition

 New York-American Indian Community House

Portland, OR- Native American Rehabilitation Association

Sacramento, CA-Native American Health Center

Salt Lake City- Indian Walk-in Center

San Francisco Friendship  House Association of American Indians, Inc.

Seattle- Seattle Indian Health Board

South Dakota Urban Indian Health

Wichita, KS- Hunter Health Clinic

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What is a Member Close Up  page?
NCUIH Members Close Up pages  are  quick-glance profiles  designed to allow  all KRC audiences (academics, government officials, donors, general public, other invested parties) to access a brief summary of  each of our Member's services as well as a direct link their specific programs website. The Close Up pages intend to serve as an extra resource ( and a complementary one) for non-traditional UIHP audiences. 

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