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Collaborative Efforts with US Minorities

While NCUIH is always mindful of the special political designation for American Indians and Alaska Natives, the legislative department recognizes that the case for Indian health is stronger with more allies. Thus we work with a wide range of non-Indian organizations from the National Council of La Raza to NNACP,  Health Care for American Now! (HCAN), etc. These partnerships helps Indian people project our voice into debates where we would otherwise be unable to have our voices heard, such as the struggle for comprehensive national health care reform. In many situations our partnerships and allies helped get Indian people a seat at the table where it would have been otherwise convenient to ignore Indian communities.

Collaborative Efforts with Other National Agencies

NCUIH is proud to share our database with other agencies in order to better serve our population atnlm large. We are pleased to be able to share with you the information from the National Library of Medicine's American Indian Health Web Portal. Here you can find information that has been collected by NLM that is tailored to be AI/AN health specific. For more information about NLM AIH Web Portal please (click here).

Welcome to the KRC

geekNCUIH is very pleased to welcome you to the first resource center devoted to the fostering and dissemination of knowledge on Urban Indian communities across the U.S. This multi-disciplinary project aims at alleviating the lack of information on the condition of urban American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN), and at generating informational tools to be used by and shared among Urban Indian leaders to educate policymakers, federal officials and the general public. Overview... 

How to use the KRC? Instructions here

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NCUIH participating at the Americas Summit Virtual Community

NCUIH has joined the Summit of the Americas's Working Group on the Organization of American States Declaration on Indigenous Rights. Check out our Profile page here

Getting our Message Across

At NCUIH, we believe current times call for expanding our partnerships and joining efforts on common issues with other communities across the nation More 



Urban Indian  Health Technology
Why are Urban Indian programs better suited for Health Information Technologies; and why is this a great opportunity for us? >Click here<


Native American YOUTH

Resources for all Urban Indian Youth with a special focus on transition to a new location.Devoted to the new generation of future community leaders. >Click here< 

What is an Urban Indian
Community of Learning?


A learning community comprised of leaders, professional and paraprofessional staff of Urban Indian Health Programs addressing....
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