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Board of Directors

Chairman, Roger L. Locklear (Lumbee)  

Co-Chairman, Reverend Robert Dobson  

David Rodman Cohan (Honoree)

Kerry Hawk Lessard

(United Remnant Band of Shawnee)

John Salling (Lumbee)

Diane Hodges (Lumbee)

Gordon Byrd (Lumbee)

Justin Hodges

Diana Caldwell

Jan Gryczynski P.h.d






Services Offered

Substance Abuse and Mental Health:

Native American LifeLines provides outpatient treatment for substance abuse and mental health services. 

Case Management

Our case management services are comprehensive and take a holistic approach to treatment for substance abuse. 

Youth Dental Project

Youth Dental project is a prevention dental service for Native American children. Eligible children may receive cleanings, fillings, sealants and a fluoride treatment.

Native American Youth Christmas Program
Every year at Christmas our program sponsors over 100 Native American children living in poverty.  The program consists of a party with hot dogs, cupcakes, games and cookie decorating contests.  All youth visiting will get a picture with Santa.

 Prison Outreach
Our prison outreach helps incarcerated community members remain in contact with family members and resources such as church members, substance abuse services and supportive housing upon their release.

Tobacco Prevention

Native American LifeLines offers smoking cessation classes and support groups for adults struggling with an addiction to tobacco.

Drop-in center

Community members can access computer information for both medical and job related services. 

Dont forget Us

The Don't Forget Us project is an initiative to prevent substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis among American Indians living in Baltimore City, Maryland. More...

Baltimore Native American Lifelines

Baltimore Logo

Native American Lifelines of Baltimore

Native American LifeLines was incorporated in the year 2000.  This was in response to the lack of services in the Maryland Native American community.  In January of 2001 they were awarded a contract from Indian Health Services, Nashville Area Office.  This contract allowed them to employ professional counselors and offer out-patient treatment, mental health services and case management on a full time basis. LifeLines is governed by a Board of Directors.

Native American LifeLines is dedicated to providing Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis prevention and treatment services to the American Indian community through a comprehensive continuum of care that is patient centered, culturally sensitive and optimal for personal growth.

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Contact information

Native American LifeLines
106 West Clay Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone: (410) 837-2258
Fax: (410) 837-2692